Jessica Bonder



I write short stories and prose poems. Would you care to read them?

 “Midnight in Akron” published in The Stockholm Review


“Permanents” published in Black Heart Magazine (available for purchase)


“Turf” published in The Honest Ulsterman logo

“Yesterday’s Tomorrow” published in The Lonely Crowd, Issue 7 (available for purchase).


“23rd and 8th” published in Unbroken Journal


“Bad Actors” published in Split Lip Magazine


“Revelations” published in The Fiction Pool


“Life Hack” published in Vending Machine Press


“The Efficiency Apartment” published in The Bohemyth

The Bohemyth


“Not Today” First Place in the STORGY Short Story Prize Anthology, Vol. II


“Wacky Mold” published in STORGY magazine